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Six curious facts about roulette

27 May 2021

by Rui Sousa

Roulette is one of the most famous games in casinos around the world and also one of the most mysterious. Doubts about the origin of the game and about the different versions are a constant among the roulette lovers. As an old game, there are also some myths that were created around the game that we will try to unravel. Find out the answers to six questions about roulette.

Question 1

Is roulette the oldest casino game?

It may be and it may not be! It depends on the definition and the concept of the casino game. Casinos, either by this name another, have been around for many years (if we think of places where the customer could bet against the house or against other costumers). The first historical reports point out the first bets in horse races and fights, as well as on fights against animals. At the same time, it is known that there were games prior to these, including dice games (with dices made of bones) and with oval chips. A kind of the first version of roulette. If this is the oldest game in the casinos, it is difficult to answer. The only truth is that roulette is a really old game.

Question 2

Who invented the modern game?

The modern game means the kind of game that we know today. And most people believe that the first roulette wheel was invented in the 17th century by the scientist, philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal. Although with no intention of turning it into a casino game. When he introduced the first version of this wheel we were simply looking to build a perpetual motion machine.

Question 3

What types of roulette exist?

Nowadays casinos offer two types of roulettes. American roulette and European roulette. The American has two zeros marked in green, while the European only one. This is the most visible difference between the two wheels, which also have different numbers distribution. Under normal conditions, European roulette has a house advantage of 2.70%, while American roulette reaches 5.26%. This means that for every 100 dollars wagered, on the European wheel the chance of loss is 2.70, while on the American wheel it is 5.26.

Question 4

Can dealers control the ball?

Probably in the past it was possible for the dealer to control and change the ball destination, but today not. This technique was called “dealer signature”. And the truth is that nowadays many dealers have never even heard about this technique.

Question 5

Is the 17 the most common bet in this game?

It is a common myth, for sure. Simply because doesn´t exist a worldwide record of all bets placed on roulette. Much of that myth was driven by the character of James Bond, in the famous saga of the special agent 007. He is a regular casino and roulette customer and the 17 is his lucky number. Still, there is nothing to tell us that this is the preferred number among the roulette lovers.

Question 6

Is roulette the most popular casino game?

No. That title belongs to blackjack. This is the most popular game in casinos rooms, followed by craps and roulette, probably tied in the second place.

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Written By,

Rui Sousa