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How To Win Scratch Cards & Tips? Scratch Card Games Online Odds

29 Jan 2021

by Daniel Singh

Online Scratch Card Games

Have you played a traditional lottery game? Do you remember product advertisers promoting scratch card schemes to make you buy their brand products?  Well, there are records of many people winning prizes and rewards in paper-based scratch card offers. 

online scratch cards games

The question may pop up in your mind, is it possible to play and win on online scratch cards? Yes, it is absolutely possible.

Several casino sites in India offer lottery-based scratch card games these days. Many newcomers and seasoned players in India enjoy the thrill and excitement offered by online casino scratch cards.

You are soon going to join them after reading this article. Here we will provide you with a stepwise guide on playing scratch card games online in 2021.

Let’s dive in!

What Is Online Scratch Cards? 

Real Money online scratch cards are one of the instant payout casino games played for real money. Random number generator is used in online scratch cards to determine the outcome. It is a digital version of its physical counterpart that allows you to win massive payouts even with low stake bets.

The online cards consist of three lines square where secret numbers or symbols are hiding. You should click on the squares to reveal them. While doing so, the three identical numbers or symbols should appear for you to win. Most scratch cards are of the same basic format, with shaded squares that need to be unleashed.

However, some online casino in India offers scratch cards in the form of video slot games where you have to trigger the bonus rounds.

No specific apps and software need to be downloaded in your smartphones to play this game. Some casino sites like BetBarter and SkyLive casinos have mobile-optimized websites, where you can sign up and start playing scratch cards. Now it’s easy for you to play and celebrate your winning on the go.

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How To Play Online Scratch Cards?

Playing scratch cards online doesn’t require a special set of skills or strategies. To get started, you have to identify a reputable and legitimate casino site based on several factors. It includes selecting a site with testimonials of fast payouts, a good online presence, a wide game variety, and effective customer service via live chat, among other features.

Play on the site licensed and monitored by a reputable gambling commission.  If you are still scratching your head thinking about where to play, browse BetBarter or SkyLive casino to enrich your scratch play experience. After considering all these things, you need to create your casino account at a preferred site by furnishing the required credentials.

After entering your identifying information, you have to top up your casino funds via e-wallets, credit cards or bank transfer. As you will get plenty of deposit options to transfer your money in Indian Rupees, you don’t have to worry about exchange rates and unusual transfer fees.

Once adding cash to your casino balance, pick the game you want to play and adjust your bet size. As mentioned before, Scratch card games have opaque squares that need to be revealed. You can reveal the number or symbol either by swiping on your touchscreen or clicking the mouse button on your desktop.

If the number you reveal matches with the specific numbers or symbols, then you will win. Once you reveal the required numbers or symbols, your payouts are instantly credited to your casino’s main balance. If you want to make your scratchies session enthralling, you can also choose other varieties of scratch cards with unique themes and styles.

How To Win Scratch Cards? – Tips

Apply these tips to win at scratch card games online.

1. Learn about the game:

Once you gather enough ideas and knowledge to play scratch card online, it will be easy for you to get on the fast earning track.  Before joining the scratchies session, choose the scratch cardgames with the best odds to match your level of comfort and playing style. For all this, you must learn enough about the game.

2. Pick the Right Scratch Card Game Version: 

Scratch cards are available in different themes and styles. You, therefore, don’t have to stick with the game you first approach. 

As stated before, choose a game variant with the best odds and opportunity to make instant cash. With the right decision, you can enjoy the game for long session irrespective of the outcome. This is how you can grow as a successful and calculated player. 

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3. Get Enough Practice: 

Several prime scratch cards casino offer you to play scratch cards online without betting real money. Before diving in to play for real money, it is best to play scratch cards games free online to get the hang of them. With enough practice, you will get used to the game and gain the confidence to play. 

4. Get Scratch Card Bonuses:

Several online casino sites in India have been providing attractive scratch card bonuses that you can grab and make your betting session worthwhile. Bonuses multiply your casino funds and help you to keep momentum in the game.

5. Don’t Bet Solely on Jackpots:

Don’t pour massive stakes in the hope of winning an enormous jackpot amount as you can make decent cash on other combination too.

Although everybody aims for Jackpot rewards, only a few get lucky to have them. It is advisable not to spend more than 10 to 20% of your allocated budget for Jackpot rewards while playing scratch cards online in India.


Play Online instant win scratch cards at any of your preferred casinos by following the rules and applying the tips mentioned above.

Please choose the best online casino as per our recommendation for your exhilarating scracties session and a chance to win substantial payouts.

If you have scratch card design in your mind, SkyLive Casino certainly has it in its system. Join SkyLive Casino today for attractive bonus offers on sign up! 


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Daniel Singh

Daniel Singh is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.