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Top 10 Tips For Winning In Online Rummy Live Casino

04 Mar 2021

by Daniel Singh

Indian Rummy Live Casino

Rummy Casino Card Games is undeniably one of the well-liked games in India. It is packed with a healthy dose of challenge that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

This easy and fun-packed game was only limited to small groups of friends and family. With the advent of digital technology, Rummy casino game has acquired a digital avatar and become popular across the world of online casinos.

rummy casino tips

Several online casinos in India provide you with a digital version of a live rummy game with customizable betting options.  If you are into mobile casino gaming, you can easily browse into your preferred online casino and play rummy with other players at any time and from anywhere.

Rummy is a skill-based game, but your skill alone doesn’t give you a winning edge. You also need to apply some strategy to win big, and most importantly, your luck should favor you at the right time.

With three of these elements (Strategy, Skill and Luck) combined, you are more likely to catch a bigger fish which you can either eat or sell for bigger money.

Got the Point! All right, now let’s look at the top ten tips to win at online rummy casino game that can make you rich and keep losses to a minimum.

Top Rummy Live Casino Tips

Let’s get to know the top ten rummy Live Casino tips that can improve your winning chances and keep loss at a minimum.

rummy casino tips

 1. Choose the Right Game:

From casino gin rummy to casino billboards lightning rummy, there are different variations of rummy games online. Only choose the one you’re most well-versed in and keep playing until you become capable of defeating seasoned opponents.

The Rummy tournaments are highly competitive, and the stakes are high. So participate only when you are confident and fully prepared to embrace the outcome.

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2. Arrange the Cards Properly: 

Once you’ve picked a game and dealt a hand, arranging the suit based cards is essential. Some online casinos offer a ‘Sort button’ that does arranging with just one tap. Once you arrange the cards in an alternate color group, you can easily calculate your next move. 

3. Aim for a pure sequence: 

If you want to reduce the points collected at the end of the game, always create a pure sequence. This should be your first task after the cards are dealt.

A pure sequence is constructed with three or more consecutive cards of the same suit without using a joker or wild card. 

4. Discard High-Value Cards: 

Discarding high-value cards is as important as creating a pure sequence. You will be at potential risk if you keep hold of cards such as Ace, King, Jack or Queen to create a sequence. If your opponent declares in this circumstance, you have to carry the burden of highs score. 

5. Use Joker Wisely: 

Joker plays a significant role in completing a run or set of higher points in win win casino rummy game. Even if you form a pure sequence, you can use the joker to create the second one. And if you already have two sequences, you can use the joker to form a sequence with higher point cards. 

6. Track Your Opponent’s Moves: 

Rummy is not only about you and your cards. Without the opponent, the game loses its soul. So you also have to track your opponent moves and tweak your strategies accordingly.

As the game start, keep a close eye on what cards they pick or throw. It is easy to look at your opponent’s stats by moving the mouse cursor or swiping the device screen. Once you move the mouse cursor over your opponent in online rummy, you will get to know about the type of cards they have discarded. 

7. Bluffing Your Way to a Win:

Your opponent can be smarter than you. You may never know when they slow play you and make you stuck with high point cards.  So it is wise to keep your opponent at bay throughout the game making it difficult for them to know about your move.

Learn the card holding strategy. It means to hold the cards; they might need the most by knowing the sequence they are creating.

You can also trick your opponent by throwing low-value cards at the beginning. Just make the opponent feel like you are not following the general rule of thumb of discarding the high point cards.

This reverse bluffing technique can hoodwink your opponent into thinking that you have a better hand, and they might fold.

8. Know when to Fold

It is an important skill to know when to get out of the game. This becomes even significant if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money.

Soon after you realize that you don’t have good cards to form a sequence, drop out as early as possible. This way, you can save some of your cash and use it to play next hand. Who knows, the next round can be fruitful for you. 

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9. Keep on Practicing: 

Strive for progress, and perfection will follow you shortly. If you want to be at the top of your gambling skills playing online real money rummy casino games, you must practice a lot.

As we mentioned, rummy is a challenging game that requires both luck and skills. One can only hone their craft with regular practice. The more your play, the better you will chisel your skill. 

Fortunately, most online casinos in India offer free-to-play-tables for players to sharpen their skills and come up with better strategies without the risk of losing money. 

10. Observe the Play

Have you watched other players playing live rummy games? Some of you might have grown up watching other people play and then learning to play by yourself.

Every player is blessed with the unique strategies to win a hand, and these can be useful if you want to learn and apply it to your game.

You can also navigate YouTube or other video sharing platforms to observe famous players playing to learn new strategies. By merely observing if you can improve your winning odds, then why not to try it!

Final Note:

These are the key factors that you should consider while engaging in a professional game of rummy to improve your rummy skills and create a better chance of winning.

If you want to play online rummy at the best online casino in India for exceptional rummy experience, we recommend trying out SkyLive Casino.

Choosing the licensed and reputable rummy site is the first step to end the game on winning note. There is no doubt that every online casino in India provides top-notch rummy experience. But if you face hurdles while withdrawing your winning money, you will have a bitter experience.

For the hassle-free, quick and safe transaction, we encourage you to play in SkyLive- the best online casino in India for playing all types of rummy games.

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Daniel Singh

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