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Roulette: What do hot and cold numbers mean?

03 Jun 2021

by Rui Sousa

Among the more experienced Roulette players, there are two very common terms that refer to the numbers and their frequency. They distinguish between hot and cold numbers and divide them according to the specific time period. Following the same experts, constantly betting on hot numbers can significantly increase your chances of being successful.

How to identify the hot numbers

Given the simplicity of the Roulette game, it´s easy to track the game sequence and the most frequent numbers. For this reason, many experienced players stick to this statistic to place their bets, believing that betting on the most frequent numbers will increase their winning chances.

It may seem strange, just because Roulette is a pure lucky game and each move is completely independent of the previous, but the truth is that many players stick to the statistics to bet high. Regarding this fact, some online roulette games provide the stats about the previous rounds. They easily show you hot and cold numbers.

Betting on cold numbers

Many Roulette players tend to flee from the pattern. This means that given the division between hot and cold numbers, they tend to bet on less frequent numbers. This is because they believe that due to the specific type of the game, the cold numbers trend will change sooner or later. And it truly happens.

As we said before, Roulette is a pure lucky game. In a few moves, a number on the cold list can quickly change to a hot number. And the reverse can also happen. Regardless of the strategy you intend to adopt, remember: There is no way to predict the next number or the next move and that is what makes this a fascinating game.

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Written By,

Rui Sousa