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Best Virtual Reality Casino Games of 2021 to Play in India

17 Feb 2021

by Daniel Singh

Know about Virtual Reality Casino Gaming

Virtual reality (VR) is the latest trend in the world of online casinos. The technology of virtual reality has taken the casino gaming experience to a whole another level. With the integration of VR technology in casino games, players can achieve more interactive and immersive gaming experience by playing virtual games online.

virtual reality casino games

Although virtual reality casinos are not everywhere currently since the technology is still new, it is predicted that such casinos will supplant online casinos with no virtual reality games.

VR technology in casino games will bring online casino gaming as close as possible to playing at land-based casino. It’s easy for Indian players to play VR casino games these days. They just have to reach virtual casino platform online and can access VR casino games via smartphone, tablet or PC connected to the Internet. However, the device needs to meet certain requirements for VR casino games.

VR casino games have much to offer including cool game design, realistic casino sounds and in-game chats. Such games detect the presence of payers and players can enjoy playing and chatting at the VR casino.

There are many VR casino games that you can play from India and you have numerous available options. We will discuss the best virtual reality casino games that you can play in 2021.

Best Virtual Reality Casino Games of 2021

1. VR Slots

VR slot can be considered as a virtual version of a slot machine that you play in a brick-mortar casino. VR slots are offered by virtual reality casinos and they have mixed gambling and gaming. The top VR slot games played by many people include Starburst, Dracula, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc.

To play VR slots at casinos, you don’t require a specialized knowledge and skills. VR casino game developers offer VR slot gaming as well as tournaments on different slot games.

Always select a trusted and licensed gaming platform if you want to play virtual casino games online for real money.

2. VR Blackjack

Blackjack, probably the most popular casino table game is also available with the integration of VR technology at VR casinos. By playing VR Blackjack, players feel as if they are playing the game by sitting at the cozy corner of land-based casino’s table.

Put on a VR headset and play VR Blackjack to get immersive gaming experience at the table of Blackjack. VR Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the best games to play at VR casinos.

Blackjack, also called 21 is a fun game with simple rules. Although luck matters in the game, playing with effective strategy can improve the winning odds. That’s why, Blackjack is loved by seasoned casino players, not just beginners.

3. VR Roulette

Roulette, one of the most popular casino games can also be played in VR version at VR casinos with more realistic feel and immersive gaming experience. VR roulette meets the desire of online roulette players who want to experience like they are playing roulette at land-based casino while playing from the comfort of their home.

VR roulette uses a VR headset and a motion controller for tracking hand movements of players and projecting them into the 3D world. Compared to online roulette, VR roulette uses a high-resolution imagery at the frame rate much higher than that of the regular online roulette. The latency will be minimum with the higher frame rate. The player won’t experience lag when he/she moves his/her head while playing.

With VR roulette, you can play roulette with other players in real time by interacting with them using the features of the game like voice and live chat.

4. VR Poker

Poker is probably the most popular card game in the world and with VR poker, poker lovers can get the best poker gaming experience as realistic as possible from the comfort of their home or anywhere.

VR poker is offered by PokerStars, a leading poker brand in the world. In this game, the live and online has been mixed with great VR experience.

Players get to handle their cards and chips just as they would do at a land-based casino. Players can interact with each other by chatting in real time.


Virtual reality casino games are the future of casino gaming. The technology is still and there are not many online casinos currently offering such VR casino games. However, the number of VR casinos and the gamblers playing VR casino games is increasing. Always select a trusted and legitimate VR casino platform for playing VR games for real money.

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