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Ultimate Guide to Play Baccarat Squeeze Game in India

05 May 2021

by Daniel Singh

Online Baccarat Squeeze Game

If you are an enthusiast Baccarat player, you may want to try different variants of Baccarat.

Baccarat Squeeze Game is one of the versions of Baccarat that is highly popular among the Indian casino lovers.

baccarat squeeze game

Unlike other baccarat variants, Squeeze Baccarat adds even more thrill and suspense to the players.

The rule to online Baccarat Squeeze is similar to standard Baccarat. There are only slight changes in the gameplay methods which you can learn easily.

Also, there are some exciting things about Baccarat Squeeze that you may not be familiar with.

Thus, in this article, we will guide you about the Baccarat Squeeze game rules and strategies to bring odds in your favor.

Now let us dive deep into the whole content.

What is Online Baccarat Squeeze?

Baccarat squeeze is one of the popular online casino games among the prodigal players. It is a classical variant of a Baccarat where a dealer gradually uncovers face-down cards and reveals it to the players.

With the passing of each betting rounds, the dealer slowly reveals face-down cards showing only small sections of it.

Although the squeezing of cards doesn’t hold any connection to the outcomes, it adds thrill and suspense to the game.

How To Play Baccarat Squeeze Game?

baccarat squeeze game

As a part of the baccarat casino guide – to play Baccarat Squeeze, first of all, you have to place your bet either on dealer, player, or tie. You can also bet on optional pair side bets.

After placing the bet, the dealer will draw out the cards and put on the table with their face down on both banker and player side.

Afterwards, the dealer reveals two of the cards on the banker side and one card on the player side. Then to add suspense, the dealer slowly squeezes the card on player’s side pinching on its edge before turning it up.

If the combined sum of either player’s card or dealer card is 8 or 9, one will be declared as a winner.

In case, if the player hands total between 0 and 5, the dealer will deal the third card to the player. 

On the contrary, player will not receive additional card if the player’s hand totals a value of 6 or 7.

Here in Baccarat Squeeze, banker hand’s action depends on the player hand’s total. So, most of the casino enthusiasts choose to bet on Banker’s side to get odds in their favour. 

Some Important Terminology of Online Baccarat Squeeze

baccarat squeeze terms

In baccarat control squeeze game, you can squeeze the bottom edge of the cards in your hand to reveal its value. There are some important terms that you can learn from below.

By using these terms, you can refer to what is in your hands so that others can make the right interpretations on its basis. 

   Terms    What they denote in Online Baccarat Squeeze?
  Squeezing PointIt signifies a face card that is about to get revealed.  In Baccarat Squeeze, the face cards, Jack, king or Queen all have zero value.
Squeeze an AceIt means you will see a blank when you squeeze your card. Remember that, Ace cards are marked only on the top.  
Squeeze a PointIt denotes that you have either a 2 or 3 value card in your hand and to reveal its other part you should flex the card further. If you see a symbol in the middle, you are holding 3. Or if it is not marked with a symbol, then be sure that it is 2.
  Squeezing LegsJust change the angle by rotating your card, and if you find two signs, it denotes that you are holding either 4 or 5 in your hand.
  Squeezing LegsIf you are holding a number anywhere between 3 and 10, this term is used.  You have to rotate and flex the edges to reveal the point.
  Squeezing LegsFor your ease, it is recommended to look for the central symbol on the card. If you can see the symbol on the middle of the card, then it is 5. Otherwise, it is 4.  Three signs on the card is a symbol of having 6, 7 or 8 in your hand. You have to rotate card in an upright position and read the pip value.
  Squeezing LegsIn case, four symbols are observed on a card’s side; then it could be either 9 or 10. For the right guess, you can rotate the card in an upright position and squeeze.   If you see a middle pip placed below a group of 4 symbols, then you are holding 9, or if the symbol is within four other pips, it denotes a 10.

Various Options for Placing Side Bets

baccarat squeeze side bets

In Live Dealer Baccarat Squeeze, there are optional side bets called pair that you can place on the game. You can choose to bet on either player pair or banker pair.

For example, you place your bet on Player pair bet. If the two cards dealt by the casino dealer turn out to be the pair on the player side, you will be rewarded. This rule is the same on banker’s hand too. The payout ratio for the pair bet is 11:1. 

If the drawn cards become identical in both value and suit, it will be a perfect pair. The odds of occurring perfect pair is 25:1.

In case, if two cards become identical for both player and the banker, the odds will increase up to 200:1.

For winning on side bets on player or banker pair, the RTP(Return to Player) is 89.64 %. Likewise, for both side pair, the payout rate is 86.29%. Also for a perfect pair, the payout shoots up to 91.95%.

What is the difference between Standard Baccarat and Baccarat Squeeze?

Standard Baccarat and Baccarat Squeeze don’t have much difference. The gameplay and rules are almost the same for both, except in Squeeze Baccarat a dealer gradually reveals face-down cards.

A dealer typically squeezes the card to add excitement through suspense in the game. Other than that, there is an extra betting option in Squeeze bet where a player can bet on a pair. 

Is it safe to play Baccarat Squeeze Game online?

Yes, it is entirely safe to play Baccarat Squeeze online. You have to choose reliable and licensed sites to play Baccarat Squeeze. 

It is best to consider looking for the trusted site like BetBarter. It has high-quality casino games provided by world-class game developers. 

Furthermore, you can safely deposit your funds on BetBarter and make quick withdrawals upon winning.

Also, you will have a chance to win attractive Sign-Up bonuses and welcome rewards after the registration.  

Please make sure that you are playing on classified sites that do not expose your personal information to the third party.

Along with BetBarter, there are other reliable sites like SkyLive and Bet4plus casino that you can count on.

Both of these sites have attractive live casino games to pique your interest.

What is Evolution Baccarat Squeeze?

evolution live baccarat squeeze

Evolution is a gaming company that developed Baccarat Squeeze. They develop and provide high-quality casino games to various online and land-based casino operators.

Likewise, Evolution gaming offers highly trained dealers and immersive gaming experience to attract players around the world. They have also added some unique features in the Live Baccarat Squeeze to engage more players. 

Some of its features include a provision of Pairs side bets and clear statistics to show competitors’ move.

Additionally, Evolution gaming has enriched the gaming experience of the casino enthusiast adding sound and light effect on live Baccarat Squeeze. 

What are the benefits of the Baccarat Squeeze Game?

Baccarat Squeeze is a live casino game which has an interactive setting. You can place your bet interacting with other players and dealer.

Since 75 HD cameras are installed in the game, you can navigate the game through every camera angle.

Plus, you will be provided with clear statistics of the previous round of the game on your playing screen. It helps you to analyze before making a betting decision for further rounds. 

Are there any winning strategies for Squeeze Baccarat Game? 

baccarat squeeze strategy

Some strategies in Squeeze Baccarat improve your probability of winning. Yet, it doesn’t ensure your win. You can adopt the following approach for Baccarat Squeeze to maximize your winning odds.

Go for Banker Bet: 

For Baccarat Squeeze, it is recommended to bet on Banker’s bet rather than on Player bet.

A banker bet has a better winning probability as compared to player’s bet. It is a preferred betting choice for many players as there is a 50% chance to win.

Due to this reason, a player has to pay 5% commission to the casino after winning on this bet. 

Try to avoid side bets: 

In Baccarat Squeeze, there are two side bets, namely Pairs and Perfect pairs. Like Tie bets, these side bets also have a massive house edge.

The house edge for a Tie bet is 14.36% whereas for Pairs and Perfect pairs, it is 13%. Thus, strategically-minded players mostly choose to bet on Player’s or Banker’s hand.


In brief, Baccarat Squeeze is an intriguing game that you can play on any Indian casino sites. But we recommend you to play this game only on trusted sites like BetBarter, SkyLive and Sky247 casino for extra rewards and Bonuses. 

Baccarat Squeeze is entirely based on your luck and instinct, so it would be best if you give it a try.

If you fail to take a risk, you will miss a bigger chance to walk away with higher payback.  Hence, it’s up to you. Luck favors only to those who dare to take a chance.

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