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Lightning Roulette Live Streaming 2021- How To Play & Win Sizable Profit?

16 Mar 2021

by Daniel Singh

Lightning Roulette Live Stream Game

The Lightning Roulette Live Stream game is identical to the classic Roulette game played with the usual roulette wheel with 37 pockets. The pockets are divided into Green, red and Black colors. Only zero is coated green, and the remaining 1 to 36 number is alternatingly polished Red and Black. What makes lightning roulette standout is its speed and unique features like lucky numbers.

lightning roulette online game

Lightning Roulette is the replica of the European Roulette with the opportunity to win up to 500x payouts on a straight-up number. Considering this, the rules of lighting roulette is similar to classic roulette games.

Unlike in regular Roulette, straight-up wins will get you 29:1 payout without a multiplier. In standard Roulette, all other bets pay their regular payout, but Lightning roulette has an extra provision of multiplier win, making you millionaire overnight if you get lucky.

How Does Lightning Roulette Online Work?

Apart from the graphics, sound and design, the gameplay is also important for casino games. Thus, it is important for you to have at least a basic knowledge of Lightning roulette online rules and gameplay.  Luckily, the game operates on well-known play systems, and only a few extra elements are added to spice up the gameplay.

For example, Lightning Roulette is a blend of live roulette format with a set of multipliers.

To clarify, LR features a live host who talks like a real TV anchor. You may even get a vibe of watching big-screen television when you enter into the lightning roulette live game studio.

The dealer will pull a lever exactly like in a slot machine to start the spin in this game. Before the spin, five random numbers will receive a lightning strike, and their multiplier value is adjusted. These numbers will be subject to lucky numbers multipliers. After the big lightning strike on these five lucky numbers, a couple of numbers on the roulette wheel will receive a big boost with a multiplier. The multiplier can range from x5 up to x500.


  1. You place a straight-up bet on numbers 10, 18 and 34. After your bets are accepted, the random number generator gives out three lucky numbers – 15, 19 and 18, with payouts of 50x, 200x, 300xs. 
  2. If the roulette balls stay still on pocket 18, you are paid out on your bets at odds of 300 to 1. 
  3. You will only get boosted payout if the ball land in a pocket which has become a lucky number. 

Remember that, advanced computer algorithm does a job of selecting a random lucky number and their respective payouts. The RNG used in Evolution gaming Lighting Roulette is unbiased and fair and often reward with generous amounts.  

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How To Play Live Lightning Roulette?

Evolution Gaming is a world-class game developer that introduced Roulette’s compelling version called Live Lightning Roulette. Lightning Roulette offers all the standard bets you can find in classic online roulette games coupled with exciting elements. Therefore, if you ever played online Roulette at a casino platform in India, you can quickly grasp the game’s basics.

lightning roulette how to play

This game’s high tech interface provides players with several betting options that you can view at the bottom of the screen. The intuitive software also allows you to check the results of the last 500 spins. The easy to use interface makes it easy for you to place bets simply and straightforwardly. After placing your bets, the dealer will pull the level like in slot machine, and the spin will start.

Moreover, the player can place their wager in several ways. First thing you have to note is multipliers are valued only for straight-up bets. Meaning, placing the wager on a certain number on the wheel may land you to multiplier wins. In case you lay down your bets on streets, splits, corners, or colors, the stakes will not be subjected to thunder and lightning.

Lightning Roulette Betting Guide

This version of live roulette has seen notable popularity at casinos in India, including BetBarter and SkyLive. The game is compatible both on desktop and mobile phones (Android and IOS) and offers extreme-level fun and entertainment. Here we have covered a Live Roulette Betting Guide for your convenience.

Whether you are moving around or staying at your home, enjoy the fun-filled ride of lightning roulette at your comfort. Here is how you can play lighting roulette live in India.

1. Directly go to the live casino section of your preferred online casino. Click on Lightning Roulette

Once confirmed to play Lightning Roulette, you will be taken to the live game studio on your screen where the host will greet and present the game. 

lightning roulette steps

2. Set your Chip Value: 

You will find chips with different values. Select the one you want to play with. 

lightning roulette steps 2

3. Place Your Bets: 

As the ball starts to spin, you can place your wager. If you want you can play all the regular Roulette bets. Remember to choose only the straight-up bets for a lightning number. As we talked about it before, if your selected number is struck by lightning, it will become a lucky number, and you can win up to 500x your original wager. 

 4. RNG determines the Lightning Roulette 

In every round, five random lightning numbers are produced by RNG. And their multiplier value is assigned automatically from 50x to max 500x. 

lightning roulette steps 4

5. The Ball Stops

If the ball lands at one of your bets, you will get paid. After the game rewards all the winners, a new round starts. 

lightning roulette steps 5

Lightning Roulette Tip & Tricks

Lightning Roulette is undoubtedly an innovative and exciting concept. Indian players can also engage in its compelling gameplay by visiting India’s best online casinos here at

Simultaneously, several online casinos might be operating on their principle, and we cannot expect the same results utilizing the common betting strategies. With that being said, here is what you should carefully consider when playing the Lightning Roulette:

  • Manage your Bankroll and spend what you can Afford to Lose 
  • Avoid investing more than 2-3% of your casino funds in betting 
  • Bet up to 10% of the Bankroll only if you are wagering on all numbers
  • Utilize Casino Bonuses and Promotions to your Advantage
  • Check the Fine Prints ( Terms and Conditions) before accepting a bonus
  • Never go after losses! 
  • Choose licensed and Regulated Online Casinos with a record of a timely payout

If you follow this guideline, you can have ultimate entertainment playing Lightning Roulette. You can also gain the upper hand in the game and improve your chance of winning more.

Last but essential, get into the habit of responsible gambling and spend your money wisely.

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Final Words

Play Lightning Roulette for ultimate entertainment, no tricks or strategy will deliver you a profit, unless you land 500xs in the first 20 spins.

If you use a strategy, make sure you have bigger bankroll to cover the dead spins.  The 500x wins will only be advantageous if you hit it on the first few spins with a large stake.

If you are eyeing massive payouts, real money slots could be another ideal option for you.

Whether you want to get into Lightning Roulette, slots or other live casino games, the ball is in your court.

After you decide, remember SkyLive Casino for a top-notch experience of popular online casino games in India.

online registration registration bonus skylive casino

Written By,

Daniel Singh

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