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Know These Baccarat Math Facts to Become Baccarat Expert

21 Jul 2021

by Daniel Singh

Understanding Baccarat Math Facts

Math encourages us to critical thinking and logical reasoning, and it also boosts our problem-solving ability. So, can the casino player use math to gain the upper hand in one of the most popular casino games, Baccarat?

Well, this is nothing new as skilled gamblers have been using math to analyze the risk of each round based on mathematical properties such as winning probability, odds, volatility index, bet size and length of play. 

By using these factors, seasoned gamblers paint a numerical picture of risk and make a smart betting decision.

It may sound like something that is too overwhelming but don’t worry; we are here to help you become a Baccarat Expert, guiding you through the 5 Baccarat math facts.

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Guide to Become Baccarat Expert Using Math


Below we’ve outlined five points that will explain the math used in Baccarat. Learn these mathematical properties to master real money Baccarat. 

1. Baccarat Tie Wager Math

The best way to use math while comparing gambling games and wager options are to consider the house edge and RTP( Return to Player).  If you get one of these values, then you can easily calculate the other.

For example, if the house edge on the tie bet at the baccarat table is 15.46%, you have to deduct 15.46 from 100% to get the value for RTP.  

Here, RTP = 100%-15.46%= 84.54%

Now you know how to calculate the RTP from the house edge, hope it will help you make wise betting decisions. From a mathematical standpoint, tie bet is the worst bet on baccarat due to its terrible house edge and RTP. So unless you want to try your luck of winning an excellent payout, we don’t recommend opting for a tie wager.  The chance of winning on a tie bet is unsurprisingly low.

2. Baccarat Player Wager Math

The Player bet option is much better than tie wager in live casino Baccarat.  And the banker wager option is a step ahead of a player wager. Therefore, you have to compare the options that offer the best return instead of sticking to one.

In real money Baccarat, two hands are dealt every round, one designated as “player hand” and the other as “banker hand.”

Even if a 5% commission is imposed on a winning Banker’s hand, it is still better to bet than a player’s hand. The banker hand has a slight edge over the player hand, making this bet easier to win.

In terms of house advantage and RTP, the player hand is better betting option in the casino compared to roulette, slot machines, video poker, and any other casino card game other than blackjack.

The player hand has an RTP of 88.76% and a house edge of 1.24%. However, it is not the best bet at the baccarat table.

3. Baccarat Banker Wager Math

From a mathematical standpoint, Banker bet is the top bet at the real money Baccarat table. It has a house edge of 1.06% and an RTP of 98.94%.

Players looking for the alternative of Banker wager in a casino can play Blackjack, Craps and few video poker machines. However, many players are unaware that Craps don’t provide higher returns, and to win on Blackjack, one has to employ the best strategy.

Also, it isn’t easy to find online video poker machines with proper paytables.

Many casino players tend to choose other games over Baccarat, but in reality, Baccarat is the top game for strategic players who love to use math to gamble.

The 5% commission on banker wager may demotivate you to play Baccarat, but the real thing is you can also play No Commission Baccarat to get rid of it.

Some casinos also provide a special promotion on standard Baccarat games in which you may not even have to pay all 5%. It can be down to 2 or 3%, providing you with the best return.

4. Using Baccarat Math for Bet Sizing

You learned about the best baccarat wager option; now it’s time to find out about the best wager size when you play.  Here, we will show the simple math equation to you using which you can determine the wager size for any online casino game.

Simply put, the casino will let you risk the lowest wager amount if you decide to play Baccarat using advantage gambling methods.

For example, if the lowest betting limit is ₹10 for any casino game, you must prepare to risk that amount. It means if the table minimum is ₹1 for Baccarat Online, you won’t be allowed to bet lower than that.

For ₹100 bet amount, your average loss is the house edge of the bet. Based on that, you can calculate the average loss for you any value of bet size. So, if you wager on the banker hand, your average loss is ₹1.06.

Likewise, the average loss on a player hand and a tie are ₹1.24 and ₹4.36, respectively, if you bet ₹100 on each.

These calculations for average loss on Baccarat indicate that betting more than the minimum amount will lose more money.

5. Baccarat Bonus Math

Whether you play live Baccarat or online virtual Baccarat, the rule of the game is the same. Most digital casinos in India provide you with Baccarat bonuses when you sign up and deposit a certain amount on the casino account.

Now you know how to determine the house edge and your average loss for each Baccarat bet. This knowledge will help you analyze how much you have to bet with each baccarat bonus and how much you will lose playing with that amount.

For example, you may have to bet ₹2000 to clear a baccarat bonus, and with that, you might lose ₹21.8 when you pour all your money on banker. This will give you a clear idea of how much you will lose with the size of your bet and how to make the best use of the casino bonuses to reduce that loss.

Bottom Line

You may have your reservation about the Baccarat bet and the math associated with it. Well, we would like to assure you that there’s no better wager than the Banker’s bet.

Many casino veterans have admitted it, and our casino experts have also tested and proved it.

Despite the standard 5% commission, the banker bet is better than the other available options. At lower commission tables, it becomes even better.

When playing baccarat, make sure to apply baccarat bonus math before claiming any bonus offers. It will elevate your chances of winning maximum payout while keeping your loss to a minimum.

Last but essential, always play on the best online casino in India, such as SkyLive, for a safe and secure casino wagering experience.

Written By,

Daniel Singh

Daniel Singh is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.