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How To Play Online Blackjack Party Casino Game in India?

02 Jul 2021

by Daniel Singh

What is Blackjack Party Casino Game?

Blackjack Party is derived from the traditional Blackjack game, one of the simple and most popular casino card games.

Like standard Blackjack, the party Blackjack is played to beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding the hand total of 21 while drawing cards. Anything less than 21 will stand, and the over that limit will get busted. If either a player or dealer gets a combined total of 21, the side will win the round.

blackjack party casino game

What distinguishes Party Blackjack from traditional Blackjack is the way it is presented. While in Live Blackjack, a single dealer hosts the game, Party Blackjack is hosted by a duo and the presentation is quite different with the party or disco-type elements.

Here, the engaging duo of the TV-style host presents the game in a fun and interactive way.  It means you get double fun and entertainment in comparison to a standard live blackjack table.

Unlike standard Live Blackjack, this party-themed game can accommodate only seven players on the table. Once the table is full, other players have to bet behind them. This means they can still participate and enjoy the game even if the table is already full.

Interested to know about this exhilarating variant of Live Blackjack? We are here to feed your curious mind and guide you towards playing this enthralling game.

Below, we’ve covered:

  • Features of Live Blackjack Party
  • Party Blackjack Playing Guide
  • Best Site in India to Play Blackjack Party 

Features of Live Blackjack Party

Like the standard Blackjack game played in land-based and online casinos, Live Blackjack Party is played with eight standard decks, each deck of 52 cards.

Here the first seven players get a chance to sit at a table, and other players behind them have to rely on their decisions. It means if you make it to the top 7, you can directly be part of the game.

If you enter the room and find the table is occupied, you still have an option to bet behind one of the seven players. The Bet Behind feature of the game ensures that even if the table is occupied, everyone can join the party and enjoy playing the game. This can be interesting and rewarding for you as you can sit back, relax and see how the game unfolds.

If you are betting behind an expert player, you will undoubtedly have some advantage. Even if you lose, you will not be losing much since it’s one of the most affordable card games in an online casino.

You can also occupy the table and prohibit other players to bet behind you. This will release some pressure as you don’t have to bet on behalf of someone you don’t know. Enjoy the full HD live stream of this game on your device and get an immersive Blackjack gaming experience.

How to Play Party Blackjack?

Whether you occupy the table or bet behind one of the participants, you have to go through or witness the following process.

1. After laying down a wager in the Betting Box (You can also place an optional bet in the Any Pair Area), each player is dealt two cards from the dealer, who is also dealt a card. 

2. Players who succeed to make the blackjack combination are paid at odds of 6-5. In this case, the dealer’s first card should not be Ace or a 10 value card. You can achieve blackjack only when your first two cards are an Ace plus any Ten, Jack, Queen or King. 

3. It is down to the player whether or not to draw further cards. Players have to consider the following options: 

Double: You have an option to double your bet without exceeding your original bet if you receive the first two cards that total 9, 10 or 11 without aces. A dealer will add one extra card when you double.

Split: Even though you cannot get blackjack on split hands, you can pair the same face value to form two separate hands.

Draw: To draw further cards, tap the table with your finger. Make sure not to exceed 21.

Stand: To signal you will stand on a two-card total, wave your hand horizontally behind your bet.

Once players are done, a dealer will get a turn to complete their hand following the strict set of rules. The dealer draws an extra card if their hand total is 16 or less. Sometimes they draw on 17 and sometimes stand on that.

You will automatically win if the dealer hand total is less than yours or go bust (exceeds 21). In another case, if both dealer and your total matches, you will neither win nor lose. If both you and the dealer cross 21 and your total are less than the dealer’s, you will lose to the dealer.

Blackjack Party Side Bets

In addition to the main bet, Blackjack Party also offers some enticing side bets that are similar to the standard Live Blackjack. So, if you are already a Live Blackjack player, you are familiar with these bets: the 21+3 and Perfect Pair side bets.

These side bets add more enjoyment to the game and offer players an opportunity to win handsome payouts. Perfect Pair pays out at maximum odds of 25 to 1 whereas the 21+3 side bet pays out at maximum odds of 100 to 1.

What is the Betting Limit for Blackjack Party?

Blackjack Party is suitable for every type of player in terms of affordability. This low stake live casino game has a lower betting limit of £0.50 (52) for the one betting behind someone occupying one of the seven available seats. And the highest betting limit for them is £100 (10345).

Players that choose to join the table as one of the seven participants will have to start betting from £5 (517) and go up to £1000(103454) in maximum. 

Is it fun to play Evolution Live Blackjack party on Smartphone?

Yes. Blackjack Party features eye-popping graphics as its HD live stream is sharp and smooth. You won’t even believe you are playing Blackjack on your mobile in a regular live stream because of its immersive gameplay.

The two presenters will entertain you with their funny tips, gossips and remarks on different subjects while moving the game forward.  

The Evolution Gaming has incorporated CGI graphics in Party Blackjack to enrich your experience in both Android and IOS devices.

Besides, you don’t have to download any extra software to play this game. You can directly access this game from your mobile browser by registering at one of your preferred online casino sites best in your region. 

Where to play Party Blackjack Game in India?

You probably are looking for the best web-based casino in India to play a Party Blackjack game. If that’s the case, you have stumbled on the right place. Now you can party at your home by winning on party Blackjack from Skylive Casino.

Skylive Casino is one of the authentic and trendiest online casinos in India that always stands for quality, customer satisfaction, and safety. If you don’t believe in our words, you can go and check the Skylive Casino website for yourself.

Bottom Line

Blackjack Party is one of the unique and captivating live blackjack variants designed to entertain casino enthusiasts who like to gamble in a casual and informal atmosphere at the table. 

Whether or not you are a party animal, you will love playing Blackjack Party. When you enter the live game lobby, you will feel like you are inside a festive setting. The festively dressed man and woman will greet and entertain you throughout the game.

Want to have fun and win real cash playing Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Party in India? Then register at Skylive Casino and bring the party to your home!

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