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Deal or No Deal Easy to Play Guide, Rules and Strategy 2021

03 Feb 2021

by Daniel Singh

Play Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game from India

Deal or No Deal live casino game by a reputed gaming provider Evolution Gaming is a live casino game based on the hit TV game show with the extra excitement of prize multipliers. This 24-hour live game show is full of thrill and suspense, and offers you the opportunity to win superb cash prizes.


Deal or No Deal Live created by Evolution Gaming in partnership with Endemol Shrine is the first of its kind in the live casino sector and a ground breaking casino game. This game has taken the live casino gaming onto the next level and the suspense created by this game is probably unmatched.

As the online live casino is gaining much popularity in India recently, you can easily find online casinos that offer Deal or No Deal Live to Indian players. Always select a trusted and licensed live casino site like Skylive Casino and Betbarter for playing top live casino games for real money.

To play this fun and exhilarating game show live, you have to choose a licensed and trusted casino site offering the game to Indian players. Create an online casino account by clicking Register or Sign Up and filling up online form.

Since the game is not provided in free version, you have to fund your created casino account by using any convenient deposit option provided by your casino site. After funding your account, you can select the game on the site and you are all good to go.

If you are completely new to this live casino and not aware of the TV show, then don’t worry. In this article, we will guide you to play this live game and provide you Deal or No Deal live casino strategy to improve your winning chances.

How to Play Deal or No Deal Live – Rules of Deal or No Deal Live Casino

Deal or No Deal live casino game can be played by any number of players due to its multi-layered game setup. The main game consists of three exciting rounds and it is conducted by a live main host and a beautiful hostess. They interact and communicate with the players and the Banker.

This live casino game is divided into 3 segments or rounds. They are:

  1. First segment – Qualification round
  2. Second segment – Top-up round
  3. Third segment –  Deal or No Deal game show round

In this first segment which is the qualification round, you have to spin a 3-reel bank vault to be qualified for the game.

The second segment of the game is called top-up round where you have to increase prize money in the briefcase you chose.

Deal or No Deal game show round

The third or final segment of the game is the main deal where your objective is to eliminate briefcases with low value amounts in order to get yourself the upper hand over the Banker. The amount offered by the Banker to make a deal depends on the value of the boxes that are remained to be revealed.

There are altogether 16 identical briefcases with different numbers inside them. The numbers inside briefcases correlates to the value boxes that you see on both sides of your game screen.

At first, the hostess reveals the three boxes, and a cash deal is offered to you by the banker for the value of the remaining boxes. As the banker offers, the host or presenter of the show asks you the main question of the game ‘Deal or No Deal?’

You can either accept the deal and the game round will end. Or you can further play declining the offer to eliminate more boxes.

Apply Deal or No Deal Live Strategy

Live casino Deal or No Deal is a chance-based game. However, if you play with an efficient strategy, you can minimize unnecessary risks and improve your chances of winning.

In this live gameshow, there are first two segments where you have to add money. So, keep track of how much you add in those segments so that you can compare your investment in the game with the amounts offered by the Banker in the third segment.

The higher is the amount you add, the higher will be a payout. Remember that you are playing for real money and it will be stupid to say ‘No Deal’ all the time. If the amount offered by the Banker is more than twice what you have invested at any stage of the game, then you should consider taking the deal. However, if there are many red boxes remaining, you can play further to get better offers from the Banker.


We hope that this article provided you the guide and much-needed information you are looking to play Deal or No Deal live casino game.

Play the game at a licensed and safe platform for online gambling. Know the rules of the game before risking money and apply the above-discussed strategy to minimize unnecessary risks.

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