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5 Gambling Movies that Every Indian Casino Lover Should See Once

11 Sep 2020

by Daniel Singh

Are you fond of watching movies? What kind of movies fascinates you the most?  Well, you might have your preferences. If you are an Indian online casino aficionado, then you might want to watch some top class gambling movies.

Believe it or not, many online gambling enthusiasts had their first taste of live casino India games after they got inspired watching casino related movies. For new and seasoned Indian casino fans, gambling movies could be a better way to kill the boring time during this lockdown as well as get motivated towards the right path of gambling.

Here, we would like to present the top five inspiring movies about gambling that every Indian casino lover should see once in their lifetime.

 Let’s get started!

1. Casino Royale (Directed by Martin Campbell, 2006)

If you want to see the world of high stakes gambler in your mobile or desktop screen, watch casino Royale directed by Martin Campbell in 2006.  It is one of the notable movies from the 007 series that portrays the mission of a top-class secret agent James bond.

In a film, Le Chiffre is depicted as the banker of many worldwide criminal organizations, and Bond’s mission is to stop him from winning a high-roller game of Texas Hold’Em at Le casino Royale in Montenegro.

According to the movie story, James bond must stop Le Chiffre from winning the poker tournament to eliminate his criminal organization. We are not the spoilers, so you better go and watch the movie for yourself.

If you are a severe heart patient who cannot tolerate extreme violence, then we recommend you not to watch this movie. But for intense action lovers, this movie is definitely a go.   Casino Royale depicts the world of gambling, so it had created a lot of hype among the netizens of the online casino community at the time of its release.

2. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Directed by Terry Gilliam, 1998)

Fear and Loathing is based on a real story of a journalist and a lawyer. Star celebrity Johnny Deep has portrayed the character of journalist Hunter Thompson in a film that goes on a psychedelic road trip with his lawyer from LA to Vegas. Hunter happens to be a Sportswriter and a drug user who plan to cover a sports event in sin city.

And after pouring his substantial part of fortune doing drugs, he goes on a trip with his lawyer in search of the American Dreams. In their thrilling and memorable journey, they come in contact with drug dealers, hitchhikers, gamblers, and police officers.

Las Vegas is considered as the glittering and luxurious place for gamblers. However, this cult favourite casino movie reveals the dark secret of the casino world of Las Vegas. As this movie metaphorically suggests, online casino game is risky, but it is worth your time and effort if you play it responsibly. 

3. The Hangover (Directed by Todd Phillips, 2009)

There is one famous saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” The witty remarks, unpredictable story, and comical timing of The Hangover illustrate this saying. The movie is revolved around the story of three friends that embark on a journey to Las Vegas to celebrate the grand bachelor party of Doug. They reach to Vegas, book a penthouse, and spend the night partying.

The next day when they wake up, they become startled to see the tiger sitting in the bedroom, the disappearance of their wanna-be-groom friend, and the sudden appearance of a wedding ring on one of the guy’s finger. They also find out the guy with a wedding ring has lost his tooth too.

And from this point, the real story of a movie begins that will keep you hooked and entertained until the end. It is one of the greatest casino comedies where three hungover men try to solve the strange mysteries that occurred in their lives while staying in Las Vegas.

Hangover represents what could go wrong if you cannot control your excitement during the casino gameplay. Although the key protagonist of the movie, Alan, managed to pull off millions of dollars from the casino winnings, his overexcitement and negligence almost cost him that astounding amount. So you should gamble sensibly and responsibly in an online casino India.

4.  The Gambler (Directed by Rupert Wyatt, 2014)

The Gambler is a cinematic virtue of director Rupert Wyatt who has presented the downsides of aggressive gambling metaphorically. As the story unfolds, the English literature teacher Mark Wahlberg is seen gambling on the casino after finishing off his class.

Apart from being the highly proficient lecturer, he has been portrayed as the gambling addict who loses $240,000 against some notorious criminals in a game of Blackjack. 

From that point on, Mark struggles to find a solution to pay his gambling debt, immersing himself in an illicit underground world. The plot of this movie offers a typical thriller to the audience, even with its predictable story.

This solidly acted and well-directed movie gives you a goosebump when the protagonist Mark Wahlberg goes to the extreme to rescue himself from the ruthless world of gambling.

5. Rounders (Directed by John Dahl, 1998) 

Rounders is a movie about a young and talented law student who later finds out that he has a knack for poker games. However, after winning several hands in poker games, he ends up losing all his money to a Russian gangster Teddy KGB.

He thinks of coming back to retrieve his gone money but soon realizes he can’t afford to risk more. Then he quits his passion for gambling and focuses on completing his college study. But eventually, some circumstances motivate him to get back to gambling. 

The plot of the movie takes an exciting turn when his best friend Lester Murphy, a.k.a. Worm comes out of the prison. When Mike found out that Worm has a huge debt to pay to his enemies, he decides to plunge into the casino world in an attempt to help his best friend.

‘Rounders’ is all about poker, which can teach you to be careful with your bets. Also, this movie shows a realistic example of the gambling habit and how it could lead you to compulsive gambling if you do not play responsibly. 


You will find many other movies about gambling such as  Mississippi Grind (2015), Croupier (1998), Rain Man (1998), Ocean’s Eleven (2001), etc. These movies are also equally captivating like the ones we mentioned above that delivers a powerful message regarding wise and responsible gambling.  

Gambling movies can give you a twang of inspiration and improve your view and perspective regarding online casino gaming. Whether you like to play online slots in India or live casino India game, after watching these casino-related movies, your confidence will boost. And it will help you to win astounding payouts in any particular online casino game for real.  Join and make your ‘Crorepati’ dream come true betting on the popular casino and sports game.

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Written By,

Daniel Singh

Daniel Singh is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.