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Famous Gambling Superstitions From Around the World

09 Sep 2020

by Daniel Singh

Like many sectors in life, gambling is not free of superstitions. Gambling, being an old practice, superstitions are common here too. By being superstitious, some gamblers get a sense of control in gambling. As they have to bet their money in the games of uncertainty, they perform rituals or some familiar routines which they believe will bring them good luck while playing online casino games.

Some people believe in superstitions while others consider them nonsense. Whatever side you take, safe and sensible gambling is a way to go.

There are numerous gambling superstitions which vary from one culture to another. Here, we have brought you famous gambling superstitions from around the world some of which you might have heard if not all.

1. Lucky Charms

This might be the most common gambling superstition in our list. Some gamblers believe in lucky charm which can be any item like a ring or any piece of jewelry, watch, photo, or anything. People who believe in lucky charms believe that their lucky item will boost their luck and improve their winning chance.

You might have heard about the rabbit’s foot which is considered a lucky charm by some people in some cultures. It is not surprising to see some gamblers with rabbit’s foot attached to their keychain or holding in their hands in casinos.

Not just items, some gamblers also consider a person as their lucky charm. Such superstition is generated in most gamblers as they have the habit of associating a winning streak with the nearby items at that time.

2. Rituals

Another common gambling superstition is that many people perform some simple rituals such as blowing on dice, crossing fingers, etc. when they test their luck in gambling.

Blowing on dice is common in casino dice games like Craps. You might have also seen actors doing such rituals in movies. Other examples of such common rituals performed by gamblers are kissing companion, knocking on wood, wearing a particular colored dress, etc.

In China, red is a symbol of luck. Many Chinese believe that wearing red will boost their luck and it is not uncommon there to find someone wearing red while gambling, especially red underpants.

3. Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

Because of the impact of superstitions in numbers, some numbers are considered lucky and some are not. We all have heard about number ‘13’ considered unlucky by many people.

In ancient China, people believed that the number ‘7’ is the lucky number. If you are into casino games, you must, surely, have heard about the term Lucky Seven. You can find some slot machines in live and online casinos which are called Lucky 7 slots. Different virtual casino games consider seven as a lucky number.

In Japan, there is a superstition that number ‘4’ is unlucky because of the similarity in pronunciation of number ‘4’ with that of death. So, many Japanese people try to avoid number ‘4’ believing that the number brings them bad luck.

In the gambling world, many gamblers have their own lucky and unlucky numbers. They tend to stick with their lucky numbers and avoid unlucky ones. Some gamblers are so much superstitious that they don’t even stay in a hotel room with the number being their unlucky number.

4. Hand Washing

Another common superstition believed in many parts of the world is that hand washing alters the course of luck. If you are losing in gambling, this superstition advises you to go to the bathroom for handwashing to wash out your bad luck.

On the other hand, if you are winning in gambling, this superstition tells you not to wash your hand at any cost because it can take away your good luck.

5. Leaving the Table

There are two opposite sides to this superstition. Some gamblers believe that they should avoid leaving the table when they are winning because they think that doing so will interfere their good luck.

But, other gamblers believe that moving around the table or just standing will enhance their chances of winning. They might even believe that doing so will change the odds.

6. Sex and Gambling

Another popular gambling superstition believed by Chinese people is that if you have sexual intercourse the night before gambling, it will bring you bad luck.

Some Chinese also avoid gambling against a pregnant woman as they believe that her unborn baby will be a lucky charm for her and the woman also possesses an extra pair of eyes to observe the game.’

7. Effect of Entrance

This superstition has to do with the main entrance of the casino. Many people believe that entering the casino through main entrance can bring bad luck.

This superstition is the reason why many gamblers deny to use the main door to enter the MGM Casino situated in Vegas. The casino also had front entrance door in the shape of a lion’s mouth which just worked to add fuel to the fire. The casino finally had to change its main door.


Superstitions are widespread in the gambling world. There is a myriad of gambling superstitions found in various cultures in different parts of the world that has influenced online casino enthusiast from all walks of life. We just listed a few common gambling superstitions.

Hope you enjoyed reading the above-mentioned seven famous gambling superstitions. If ‘7’ is also your lucky number like that of many, you might just have boosted your luck by reading about these seven superstitions in gambling.

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Written By,

Daniel Singh

Daniel Singh is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.