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Autoplay Feature of Online Slots Explained

15 Jul 2021

by Daniel Singh

What is an Autoplay Feature?

As the name suggests, the autoplay option provides players with the opportunity to spin the reel automatically any number of times without being required to press any button manually.

Once you set the reels in an autoplay mode, the same amount of bet will go to the machine automatically, and the process will be repeated as long you have the required amount in your betting account.

You can, however, disable the autoplay mode anytime. After all, the true joy is in manual mode as it gives you a vibe of playing in lavish physical casinos.

But for multi-taskers, popcorn lovers and fun-loving people, the autoplay feature can be bliss. It is not in everyone interest to play manually. Some slot enthusiasts feel comfort in watching their luck spinning with the reels in an automated way.

One of the interesting things about the autoplay feature is, it allows you to play other casino games simultaneously. While playing online slots in autoplay mode, you can try your luck at online scratch cards or other popular card games.

Now you can check your emails, enjoy a snack, or drink a glass of wine while winning cash rewards on online slots from the cosy corner of your home.

The autoplay function instantly accelerates the game, which can be helpful for those loving fast-paced gameplay.

How does the Autoplay Feature Work?

Online Slot players are attracted to the autoplay feature because it allows them to pick a particular number of autoplay spins, and the machine will manage the rest until all of them have been played.

casino slot autoplay work

The machine will automatically do the number of spins chosen, and the reels will stop spinning after all of the spins have been completed.

You can also see the results of the spins.

If the combination is successful, the amount won will be displayed on the screen and added to the player’s account.

Best Time to Use the Autoplay Feature

If you want the online slot machine to accept the same bet repeatedly while spinning the reels automatically, we recommend using the autoplay feature.

You need to know that you cannot change the bet amount when the autoplay function is active.

Sometimes you may want to reduce the coin size to avoid accumulating unnecessary debt. In this situation, you can be in real trouble if playing on a max bet. The autoplay feature will not be helpful at this time.

Also, slot lovers wanting suspense, drama and fun would be excited to play manual spinning because the autoplay option is easy-cheesy but risky.

The number of auto-spin is one of the key factors of the autoplay feature as a whole.   The player must first set the number of spins before pressing the button and enabling this feature. They need to be aware that auto-spins are not free, and each spin cost some buck.

You cannot change the betting parameters such as the number of coins played per line, coin size or the number of active lines in autoplay mode. Therefore, the autoplay feature is unsuitable for players who want to make such changes when wagering at online slots.

For example, some players may want to apply a strategy boosting the number of coins wagered while on a winning streak and reducing the wager when they are on a cold streak. The autoplay feature will not be helpful for such players.

Final Note

Hope we were able to satiate your curiosity about an autoplay feature of online slots. You are the captain of your ship, so using the autoplay option is up to you. You can toggle between the autoplay and manual mode anytime, but doing so doesn’t change to another algorithm.

Your role is limited to choosing the best size and putting the machine into a spin. The machine will do the rest of the job. The RNG will decide whether you lose or win.

It is not a good idea to put your money at risk playing at substandard online casino sites. Therefore, we recommend playing your preferred slot games at Skylive online casino India – a great platform for online slots and other live casino games.

Last but important, if you want to play slot in an autoplay mode, make sure to set the bet size to a minimum. This will save your hard-earned money and help to manage your bankroll.

If you are a high roller, the decision is all yours. Best Wishes!


Where can I play slots in autoplay mode?

You can find plenty of digital casinos in India where you can play online slots in autoplay mode. But there is no certainty that you will find the best casino on your pick. If you consider our recommendation seriously, join Skylive Casino today for the best slot gaming experience.

SkyLive Casino offers extra cashback on slot deposits that will help you extend your play and possibly bag a massive fortune.

Does the autoplay feature work in bonus rounds?

In many online slot machines, the autoplay function is stopped during the bonus round. So when you reach the bonus round, you can play the way you like. Soon after the bonus game ends, the auto-spin will automatically resume until completed.

What things should I consider before activating the autoplay feature?

Before activating the autoplay option, check your bankroll and decide whether you can afford to risk your savings for some mind-blowing jackpot amount.

Remember that you have to bear the cost of every spin, so think carefully before deciding to activate this feature.

If you feel like “Let’s do it” and “let’s try it”, then you can play in an autoplay mode. And if you feel like “let’s go with the classic”, then manual spinning will tickle your fancy.


Written By,

Daniel Singh

Daniel Singh is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.