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Deuces Wild Slot – Online Video Poker Casino Game & Strategy

16 Dec 2020

by Daniel Singh

Guide to Deuces Wild Slot Poker Game

Deuces Wild slot is one of the popular variants of video poker that is played in almost all online casinos around the world. It is an exhilarating slot game that attracts many casino players in both land-based and online casinos. 

deuces wild slot games

The most remarkable feature of this slot is wild cards that enrich your slot gaming experience. 

Enjoy this amazing and wildly exciting online slot game from the cosy corner of your home through a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Wherever you are and wherever you go, immerse yourself into the visually stunning and gripping world of Deuces wild slot at your preferred time. 

Whether you want to practice it for free or play for real money, Deuces Wild provides you with unlimited fun and excitement. 

Introduction to Deuces Wild Slot Casino Game 

The gameplay of Deuces Wild is identical to other video poker variants like Double Bonus and Jacks or Better. 

As the name reflects, Deuces (2s) are wild cards in the Deuces Wild slot that can replace any other cards to form a winning hand. It is important to have some strategic skills to play Deuces Wild that maximizes your winning opportunity. 

Through the help of proper strategies, the game offers you wide possibilities of winning substantial payouts with the best card combinations. 

How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker 

how to play deuces wild slot casino game

Deuces Wild video slot uses a standard deck of 52 cards, and the participants are initially dealt five cards. Out of 5 dealt cards, players can decide to hold the hands without changing it or form entirely new hands by substituting all cards. He can also hold a few cards discarding and replacing the unwanted ones. The only aim of the player is to form the best winning hand possible. 

This game becomes convenient to play after you get good hand knowledge about its strategy and winning combination.

Let us introduce you to some quick and easy steps below to play the Deuces Wild video poker game in your preferred online casino in India. 

  • First Log into your chosen online casino account and go directly to Deuces Wild’s game screen. 
  • As the game screen opens, there you will see a place for selecting your bet amount. After adjusting the bet size, click on Bet and the game starts. 
  • As soon as the betting round starts, you will be dealt five cards. The moment you get hold of the cards, you can decide which want to hold and which one to change. If you are satisfied with the existing combination, you can keep it without changing anything. If you have got Deuce, that’s even better. 
  • Check your cards. It could be a winning hand. In case if you find it’s not, then you have to prepare for losing your bet amount. But there’s always a try. Trying, again and again, you may finally get the best hands. 

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Winning Hands in Deuces Wild Video Poker 

Before diving in to play Deuces Wild online, it is necessary to know about the winning hand combination, especially about the ranks of cards set in specific order to gain the upper hand in the game. Let’s check out winning hands in the Deuces Wild video poker game (from highest rank to the lowest).

  • Natural Royal Flush: It is also known as the flush without a deuce and is considered the highest paying combination. It consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of the same suit.
natural royal flush
  • Four Deuces: Hand with all four 2’s 
four deuces
  • Wild Royal Flush: One card of a royal flush replaced by a wild card i.e. deuce. 
wild royal flush
  • Five of a kind:  Four Cards with the same value + a deuce 
five of a kind
  • Straight Flush: Cards are in numerical sequence and of the same suit. 
straight flush
  • Four of a Kind: It consists of the four cards of the same rank and one card of another rank except 2.  
four of a kind
  • Full House:  A pair of two cards with the identical value + Three of a kind
full house
  • Flush: Five cards of the same suit, Value doesn’t matter 
  • Straight:  Five Consecutive Cards, regardless of the suit 
straight deuces wild slot
  • Three of a Kind: Three Cards with an identical value
three of a kind

Pay Table of Deuces Wild Video Poker 

Deuces Wild video poker payout is mainly based on the best hand combination of cards. The payout generally increases with the increase in the rank of the winning hand.

Here the ‘Three of a kind’ holds the lowest rank whereas Royal Flush holds the highest rank. The former one has the lowest payout, and the latter one has the highest payout. 

The payout for the winning hand varies from casino to casino. Here we have presented the general payout for Deuces Wild made by online casinos in India. Let’s peep in! 

  Hand  Payout per coin bet
  Three of a kind  ×1
  Straight  ×2
  Flush  ×3
  Full house  ×4
  Four of a kind  ×4
  Straight flush  ×10
  Five of a kind  ×12
  Deuces royal flush  ×20
  Four deuces  ×200
  Royal flush  ×250

Note: For the Maximum Bet of Five Coins, you can win up to 800x amount with a Royal


RTP of Deuces Wild 

If you check on the web, most of the online casino slot games offer a generous RTP (Return to Player) rate. Among those, Deuces Wild Video Poker has the most favourable RTP rate, which makes it one of the in-demand versions of video poker. The RTP rate of this game is somewhere between 98% to over 100%. 

Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy Guide – Hold Strategy

deuces wild slot hold strategy

Deuces in Deuces Wild slots can replace any card irrespective of their value and suit. So the winning strategy you are going to apply is mainly related to the hands you are dealt and the number of deuces you received. The primary objective is to form the highest winning hand combination possible. 

Four Deuces: Hold all the deuces and collect the winnings. 

Three Deuces: Keep all the three deuces and replace the remaining two cards. If you get pat Royal Flush, then keep all five cards and collect the winnings.

Two Deuces: Keep all cards along with 2 deuces if you get the combination of Five of a Kind, pat wild Royal flush, Straight flush or Four of a Kind. 

You can hold all the cards in case the dealer’s hand creates the combination of Four to a straight flush or Four to a Royal flush with a total of two deuces. 

For everything else, keep the 2 deuces and change the other three cards. 

One Deuce and No Deuce: You may not receive any deuce in the first deal, so for that, you can hold the following card combination. 

  • Four to a Royal flush
  • Three of a kind
  • Full house
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight flush
  • Four to a Straight flush
  • Three to a Royal flush
  • Royal flush
  • Any pair
  • Four to a flush
  • Three to a Straight flush
  • Four to an Outside Straight
  • Two to a Royal flush with high J/Q
  • Four to an Inside straight

Note: In case you do not receive any of these card combinations, it is recommended to substitute all five cards with new cards. 

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Winning Tips for Deuces Wild Video Poker 

deuces wild slot video poker winning tips

These are the top winning tips for Deuces Wild video poker: 

1. Learn the Ranking of the Winning Card Combination: 

In Deuces Wild, you must look for the best card combination. From the above paytable, you might have got familiar with different card combination and their corresponding payouts. 

So, from the cards, you are dealt if you can make two winning combinations, try to line up the cards that are higher in rank. It implies that you have to create a hand combination that has comparatively higher payouts than others. 

2. Know the Card Holding Situations:  

As we mentioned earlier, the Deuces Wild video poker game is all about knowing which card to keep and which to discard to create the best hand possible. So it is essential to learn the card holding situation to excel in this game. 

We have already discussed the condition of holding and substituting the cards. Learn those, and you will acknowledge the number of specified cards you have to hold in a particular situation. It will help you to improve your chances of creating the best winning hand for maximum payouts. 

3. Never Replace any Deuce:

Deuce is the significant aspect of this game as it helps you to create a winning hand replacing any other card in your hand.  

No matter what other cards you keep or discard, you must always keep the Deuces you get. 

4. Bet the Maximum 

In terms of betting, most of the video poker games can be accessed by wagering one to five coins per round. The bigger you bet, the higher the payout you receive upon winning. 

The interesting thing is you will be rewarded superb payouts for Royal Flush. In case you bet one to four coins, you will receive 250x payouts. Also, if you make five coins bet, you can win up to 800 times your bet. 

Besides, the maximum bet comes with a higher RTP of 100% whereas the RTP for one to four coins is 98%. 

Play Free Video Poker Deluxe Casino

Deuces Wild is a blend of skill and luck where you are required to learn winning strategies to collect some winning amount. It’s not a herculean task to learn its strategies and apply them in your game if you are serious about winning unbelievably bigger payouts. 

So, in order to win some real cash, we suggest you practice the free play version of this game. Doing so, you will be saving some money that could later be utilized to play a real money game.  

You can play free casino video slots by registering on any casino site in India without making a deposit. And right after the registration, you can claim no deposit bonuses. The free version of Deuces Wild is available in both desktop and mobile format, and you don’t need to download any specific app or software to play it. Simply log in to SkyLive Casino and enjoy this immensely popular game anytime and from anywhere. 

Even though it is not possible to make real money winning on a free version of this video poker, you can apply the perfect strategies and practice to create the best hand combination. This skill will later earn you a winning point in Deuces Wild real money games. 


If you are a fan of online video poker game that is a unique blend of skill and luck, then Deuces Wild game could be your bread and butter. This game rewards you with insanely high payback when played using the best strategies and tips. 

Sign up at SkyLive Casino and have the best experience of Deuces Wild slot online. SkyLive Casino is one of the best online casino platforms in India that has received positive and satisfying feedbacks from Indian casino players. 

For better video quality, fast and uninterrupted live streaming, fair gameplay and the best winning chances in all the online casino games register today at SkyLive Casino India.


1. How to play Deuces Wild video poker online? 

Playing Deuces Wild online is as simple as rotating a fidget spinner. Follow the few basic steps mentioned below, and you are all set to enjoy this game. 

  • First, create your account in a trusted and reputable online casino site like Skylive Casino.
  • Decide how much you want to bet before making a deposit.
  • Head to the video poker page and start your game. Check the RTP before beginning the game. 
  • Choose which cards to hold. You can hold up to five cards or discard them in the process of creating a winning hand combination. 
  • Collect your winnings. If you manage to register a win, you can either keep your winnings or gamble it in the next game for higher payouts. 

2. How is video poker different from online slot machines?

Slot games, whether in online or land-based casinos, are purely based on luck, and you can hardly find a slot machine that requires special skills or strategy. Due to the random outcome and different volatility level, it isn’t easy to win on a slot game. 

You have to wager a lot of money to strike progressive jackpots, and if you are out of luck, the losing streak keeps following you. 

Contrary to this, video poker like Deuces Wild is a mix of luck and skills. You can implement a strategy to impact how much you win or lose in a session, and this can greatly enhance the payback percentage. 

Some video poker game has a payback percentage higher than the online casino slots real money games. With a higher payback rate of 100%, you are more likely to be a winner if you implement the perfect strategy.

For some players, jackpot slots could be highly entertaining due to its simple gameplay as compared to video poker. But it’s your choice, what kind of game do you prefer, one with a good payback percentage and higher winning probability or higher payouts and less winning chances. 

3. Can you cheat at Deuces Wild Poker? 

No. Since the standard deck of 52 cards is reshuffled every round, it is not even possible to count the cards. 

The only method to improve your chances of winning big is to learn the game rules, try out effective strategies as well as take maximum benefits of bonuses. And it would help if you also had luck on your side. 

4. What is full Pay Deuces Wild? 

In full-pay Deuces Wild, you are required to bet the maximum amount set by the casino to enhance your odds of winning real money payouts. It is advisable to do this only if you have a larger bankroll and can afford to lose without getting stressed. If you are one of a high roller, looking for full-on entertainment, then this game is a perfect match for you.


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