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Beginner’s Guide to Playing Texas Holdem Poker in India

11 Jul 2021

by Daniel Singh

Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most popular poker variants played in land-based and online casinos. The game has gained much traction since its outset and they are played by a plethora of online players from all around the world.  The main reason behind it is its ease to learn, challenging gameplay, and good rewards.

However, despite having the simple rule, the betting system of this poker variant might confuse the new players. Thus, it is must to have a solid understanding of this game, before you entered into the casino site to play the game.

If you are new to poker and are here to learn the basics of Texas Hold’em Poker, then you have landed on the right site. This beginner’s guide from Sky Live Casino, an online casino in Indian rupees, will help you to get started with this poker game.

So, without ado, let’s get over the basics of Texas Holdem Poker rules and its ranking hands. Moreover, we shall also deal with some frequent queries of this popular poker variant.

Rules of Texas Hold’em Poker

The game uses a standard 52-card deck like any other poker variant. This deck of the card will be then distributed to the players or participants on the table. Each player receives two face-down cards, known as hole cards.

After every player receives their respective cards, the dealer will place five cards on the table known as community cards. These community cards can be used by every player to make a better poker hand.

In this game, an individual player must make the best possible hand of five cards out of seven cards available including his/her two hole cards and five community cards on the table. Whoever can form the best 5-card poker hand wins all the pot money after the showdown.

Texas Holdem Variants

This most loved poker variant game comes with three variants. This classification is based on the betting style of the players.

Pot-Limit Texas Hold’em: In this variant, a certain amount is implied for the particular round, and players are bounded to rise only up to the current amount on the pot.

Before the game starts, a certain amount is set for the pot, and players must stick with it and cannot raise their money more than the set amount.

Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em Poker: In this type of variant, there is a limit on the amount which is typically equal to big blinds.

No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker: The most popular type of variant in the Holdem table is any/no limit variants. In this type, players are not restricted to any amount and are allowed to bet as many chips as they want.

Ranking of Poker Hands in Texas Holdem

Ranking of Poker Hands in Texas Holdem

Now, take a look at Texas Holdem Poker hands and know the basic ranking of each card. The poker hands are listed from higher to lower.

  • Royal Flush: A, K, Q, J, 10 all of same suit
  • Straight Flush: Five cards in any sequence of the same suit, such as 9,8,7,6,5
  • Four of a kind:  Four cards with the same value
  • Full House: 3 of a kind and a pair
  • Flush:  Any five cards of the same suit
  • Straight: A basic sequence of five cards but not of the same suit, for instance,  6, 5, 4, 3, 2
  • Three of a kind:  Three cards of the same value, for instance, 6,6,6
  • Two pairs: Two different pair of cards, like, 8-8 and 2-2
  • Pair: Two cards of the same rank, such as A-A or 9-9
  • High card: The highest card on your hand. If you haven’t any above-listed hand, then you have High card. Ex: K, 7, 5, 3, 2 (King-high)

How to Play Texas Holdem poker?

Playing Holdem poker is somehow similar to playing Indian Teen Patti game, although there are differences between them. If you know how to play Teen Patti, then it will be easier for you to understand how Holdem poker is played.

As you have become familiar with the basics of Holdem gameplay, let’s dive into the details about Texas Holdem.

Below, we have listed step-by-step procedures to play this game. And once you finished reading the guide, then we are sure that you will not have any further queries related to Texas Holdem Poker.


Initially, before the player receives any hole cards, two players to the dealer’s left must place ante bets and each player on the table will take turn to place these bets. The player next to the dealer starts with a small blind bet (for instance $1).

Then, the other player on the left of the small blind places the next ante bet known as the big blind. The amount of the blinds are decided, and the bet of the big blind is generally double the smaller blind i.e. $2 in this case.

Shuffle and Deal

The standard deck of cards is shuffled and every player gets two cards, one card at a time. This cards are known as Hole/Pocket cards. Just remember that these hole cards are only shown to other players during the final or showdown round.

Pre Flop Round

Once every player receives their hole cards, each player looks at their respective cards. After looking at their card strength, players check and have to decide whether to play further by placing more bets or fold. 

If a player play decides to play further, then he/she must raise the amount of bet, which means a round of betting will take place until every player has folded.

The Flop round

In this round, three community cards are placed in the middle of the table. These first 3 cards on tables are called the flop.

During this stage, players who are still playing will check their private cards and other three cards, and then they take their next move based on the strength of their hand. Here, the round of betting will begin from the player left of the dealer, followed by other players, and continue clockwise.

The Turn

After the flop round, the next round i.e. the turn round will begin. Here in this stage, a single community card known as the turn/fourth card is used to proceed further. Players will deal with this card which will be then followed by a round of betting until all players fold.

River round

As the turn round ends, the last community card known as the river or fifth street is revealed. After the card is placed on the table, every player who hasn’t fold by now will get a chance either to raise or fold.

In the river round, the final betting takes place and in this step, all remaining players have to construct the best five poker hands out of seven cards available.

The Showdown Round

Finally, the game ends with a showdown round. During the showdown round, all the remaining players expose their hand and compare their card with the opponent players, according to the hand rankings. 

The remaining player on the table with the strongest poker hand will win the entire amount in the pot. In case of a tie match, the amount on the pot will be equally chopped among the winning players.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, hope this guide will help you to understand the basics gameplay of Texas Holdem. Just remember the rules and hand ranking of the game, before you popped into the casino. And play the game with full concentration and know basics technique of when to fold and when to call. Lack of fold/call technique can make your pocket thin within no time. So, be careful while raising your next bet after each round.

Finally, you can try this popular poker variant from any of your preferred casinos or an online site like Skylive Casino. So, give it a try.

Good Luck!

FAQs of Texas Holdem Poker

How many players are there to play in Texas Holdem?

Texas Holdem is a single table that is played with more than one player. The game is mostly played with 2 to 10 players, but the numbers of players may vary from one casino to another

Do you shuffle after every Texas Holdem?

Of course! The card in Texas Holdem is shuffled after every hand. Not only shuffled but the card is also cut with a minimum of four cards after each round. Only after this, the dealer distributes the next hand.

Can I Win at Texas Hold’em?

Yes, obviously. Many players have won this game applying proper strategy and playing by knowing the rules. To win the game, if you implement our recommended strategies and you’ll surely beat the odds in Texas Holdem.

Where can I play Texas Holdem?

Many casinos allow you to play this game. So, out of many available options, you can choose any of your preferred sites. However, only bet from a legally approved site, and don’t forget to check the site authenticity of your chosen site before placing your bet.

You can also pick our site Skylive Casino and play this game. Skylive Casino is a legitimate casino that offers tons of casino games like roulette, poker, slots, baccarat, and many others. We also provide hassle-free registration and top-notch customer assistance for our players. So, check them out and play casino games online safely.

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