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Guide To Play American Roulette Online For Real Money In 2021

07 Mar 2021

by Daniel Singh

What is American Roulette Online Real Money?

American Roulette Live is among the best table games that are gaining huge traction in India. From America to Europe and Europe to Asia, many online casino enthusiasts worldwide play this wonderful version of Roulette. However, in Europe, the popularity of European Roulette has overshadowed the American Version of Roulette. 

american roulette live casino

The American Roulette is hosted by a human dealer from a live casino studio. The entire studio’s action is captured by multi-angle cameras and streamed live on the players’ devices (Smartphone, Tablet, and Desktop)American Roulette wheel includes zero and double zero along with numbers from 1 to 36. The numbers marked from 1 to 36 are alternately coated red and black, while zeros (Single and Double) are marked green. 

Basic Rules of American Roulette Online Real Money Game

The primary objective of the American Roulette Online Real Money Game is to predict the numbered pocket in which the roulette ball lands. To do that, you have to place your bet choosing a specific number on the table. You can click on the desired chips and place them on any number on the table displayed on your screen. Once you do that, the dealer spins the Roulette wheel. In the process, you will also see the ball spinning in the opposite direction.

After the wheel comes to rest, the ball will find its way to one of the pocket. If the ball settles on the numbered pocket you have bet into; you win; otherwise, there’s always the next spin. 

All Thirty-Eight numbers are identically arranged on the wheel, so the ball has an equal probability of landing in any compartment. Before the dealer close the betting session, you should place bet on the dedicated spot on the table.

We have covered more about the American Roulette in the section below to help you win real money in India.

Let’s dive in! 

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How To Play American Roulette Online at Casinos in India? 

To play online roulette real money at the online casino in India, the foremost thing you have to do is to create your account on a trusted online casino website. After joining the casino, you must deposit some funds to the company’s bank account to play Roulette for real money.

play american roulette online

You can also have access to the American roulette free game in “Play Mode’ without depositing anything, but for that, you should verify your account with your personal information. If you are a beginner and want to warm up before gambling, free roulette games can be ideal. It helps you to learn about the game mechanics and hone your roulette skills.  

Free Roulette games are played for fun, and they won’t yield any real money if you win. So to play and win real money, meet the deposit requirement and head to the game library. Once you click on the live casino option, you will be taken to the live casino game page to choose American Roulette.

After clicking on the game, you will be taken to the live Roulette studio. There you will get options to place the bet of your choice. You may either have to drag the chips on the desired number or click the numbered box on the table to place your bets. 

Soon after bets are placed, the dealer spins the wheel and reveals the winning number. If the ball settles into your guessed number, collect your winning. Otherwise, place another bet and try again. 

Types of American Roulette Bets

types of american roulette bets

The betting layout of the American Roulette includes two sections. One section consists of the individual number and the other section for group bets. Remember that the Inside bets are made on a single number, adjacent numbers, or a group of numbers. Similarly, the outside bets cover a large group of numbers. Let us know about these two types of basic Roulette bets below: 

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Inside Bets:

There are seven types of Inside Roulette bets illustrated below:

Bet NameCovered NumbersHow to Place it?
StraightBet covering only one number.Keep the chip inside the square of the number.
SplitBet covering two adjacent number on the tablePosition the chip on the shared line of the two numbers’ squares.
StreetBet placed on three consecutive numbers located on the same line.Put the money chip on the outer corner of the row.
Six LineBet on two adjacent linesPlace the chips on the common outer corner of the two lines.
CornerBet placed on four number at once (Square Bet)Position the chip on the common corner of four number
TrioThree-number bet including zero and zeros.Position the chip on the line shared by zero box and two other numbers.
BasketBetting on 0, 1, 2 and 3 at once.Place a chip on the corner shared by the zero box and the first line.

As you can see, the betting combinations of inside bets are relatively straightforward and easy to remember, like classic Roulette games. These types of bets bring you different chances for a win along with other payoffs.

Outside Bets:

As already mentioned, the outside bets are placed outside the number field on the roulette table that encompassed bigger groups of numbers. Let us look at five common types of American Roulette Outside bets:

Bet TypesCovered Numbers
Red or BlackBet Placed on the Color of the Winning Number
Odd or EvenBet placed by guessing whether the number will be odd or even
1 to 18 or 19 to 36Bet placed guessing whether the winning number will be low ( Lower than 19) or high
DozensBet placed in one of the dozen Compartments found on the layout of the table
ColumnsBet placed by guessing one of  the three columns where the ball will drop

Snake bet is also one of the outside bets that only certain roulette variations offer.  The red numbers, i.e. 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34, are covered by this bet creating a snake’s shape. Therefore it is called snake bet, which covered all the numbers by one chip.

Interestingly, some game also features a black snake bet covering all the black numbers on the compartment.

Final Note

The best bet in American Roulette is to decide what will make you happiest when you’re playing. Some people enjoy decent wins and stay in action as long as possible. Others like to roll high in the hope of winning massive, even if it means sometimes emptying the bankroll.

Other players might want to have fun and chat with beautiful live dealers. Whatever is the purpose, SkyLive Casino caters for the gambling needs of all type of players. Whether you are a casino veteran or a beginner, you will love the quality SkyLive offers to Roulette players.

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Get into the action now! Play Roulette Live in India and get the chance to win real money.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the house edge of Online American Roulette? 

The live roulette wheel of American Roulette features double zero and has the basic house edge of 5.26%. 

Is American Roulette Completely Random? 

Yes, like real money slot games, all variants of roulette games use sophisticated RNG (Random number Generator) that guarantees randomness of every spin’s outcome. The result of each spin is entirely different from the previous rounds. 

Do Online Casinos offer Bonuses for Roulette?

Yes, most online casinos in India offer Roulette bonuses on sign up which you can grab at any time. You can take advantages of various Roulette bonuses, which come with certain wagering requirements.

What is the best American Roulette Strategy?

While there are plenty of systems from widely used Martingale to less known tricks, none of them guarantees you a win.

Perhaps you can improve your chance of winning by following some betting pattern and managing your bankroll but do not expect to be a millionaire overnight pouring your hard-earned cash on a popular strategy.

Can I Use Martingale in Online Casinos?

Generally talking, it is okay at most online casino platforms. However, some casinos may not allow you to use this betting system and disqualify you from the game or even close your account.

The best advice is to read the fine print (Terms and Conditions) of a site you will play with to get the general idea of this approach. If they don’t accept your gambling style, you have plenty of other casinos to choose from.

As a matter of fact, SkyLive Casino doesn’t have any objection to how you gamble. If you adhered to the rules and engaged in fair gambling, there is nothing to worry about.

Where can I try American Roulette for Free?

The plethora of online gambling platforms in India allows visitors to play Roulette titles in “Demo Mode”. While some casino will ask you to sign up to access free games, others will not require you to register. 

Why Can’t I play Live Dealer Roulette for Free?

Just as you are now allowed to join the table at the local land-based casino without placing stakes, you will be barred from entering the live casino room without making a real money bet. Since the limited numbers of paying guests occupy the limited seats, you must pay something to be included. 

If you want to play free Online American Roulette Simulator games, then the non-dealer RNG games would be a great deal of choice. 

What are the lowest limits for Roulette in SkyLive Casino?

Here at SkyLive Casino, the lowest limit for Roulette is 1 dollar, and the highest limit is 250 dollar. SkyLive is known as the best place to have a top-level Online Roulette betting experience.

Is American Roulette Compatible for my Android and IOS devices?

Thanks to the technological breakthrough, we can now easily access the digital version of popular casino games through our smartphones. If you have good internet bandwidth and any mid-ranged Android and IOS devices, you can play American Roulette seamlessly.

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